Gloria Jean’s Coffees (KSA)

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a world famous brand for coffee lovers throughout the world that works hard to live upto its evergreen reputation. Nestled among the array of various other eateries and coffee houses, our specialty coffee always got the best aroma to tug at your heart for a sip at our café.

Just one cup from Gloria Jean’s Coffee would be enough for you to keep you going all day with so much vigour, zest and energy. You may visit our coffee house for your regular cup of coffee or to check out something new from our menu, may it be anything you like, you’ll never depart with disappointment.

Popular classics like Latté, Cappuccinos and Mochas are finely brewed and designed to keep you hooked forever. We blend new techniques to improve your coffee experience at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

The Arabicas we use to brew our cuppas come in bountiful flavours — from sweet to soothing silky to fruity touch — to which your tastebuds will swiftly get addicted. Any type of coffee is freshly brewed as per your preference with more care and concern to its quality and taste.

Our friendly staff are always on the go to make you feel at home. The super peaceful environment we provide will defa keep you wired for a daily cuppa with us.

Come over to taste and learn more about our coffees and beverages and enjoy your brief stay

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